The Differences Between Made to Measure Riser Recliners and off the Shelf

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made to measure riser recliner

We’ve talked in previous articles about the many options available when buying a riser recliner chair, and how to go about choosing the right chair for your needs. 

There are many factors to consider, from your current health, comfort and lifestyle needs to those in the future, as well as your home – the space you have available and your individual style choices.  

When choosing a chair you’ll be considering options such as single or dual motor, riser action, pressure features, back and seat cushions, control mechanisms and cosmetic features.  There are many off-the-shelf chairs available that offer a range of choices and combinations of these various features, whereas if you opt for made-to-measure you can specify exactly what you want.  

However, one of the most important things you need to get right is the size.  If you’re using a chair on a daily basis that isn’t made with the correct dimensions for you, it could cause problems and lead to further discomfort. 

That’s why we highly recommend an expert fitting, to make sure you get a chair that’s perfect for you.  Imagine wearing the wrong-sized shoes all day every day… it doesn’t bear thinking about, does it! 

It’s vital that the dimensions are correct to support your size and weight.  We can help you to find a chair that offers the right dimensions for you, whether that’s one of our many off-the-shelf options or something that’s made especially for you. 

The crucial dimensions to consider are:

  • You should be able to sit comfortably with your knees and hips both at a 90° angle, with your feet flat on the floor.  This correct seating position means that your weight is evenly distributed. If your feet dangle above the ground, too much weight will be placed through your bottom and thighs.
  • The seat should be the correct depth so that the backrest supports you without you having to lean back into it – as this could cause postural issues.  It also shouldn’t rub on the back of your knees.
  • The seat should be wide enough that you don’t feel squashed in, but also narrow enough that you won’t slip or slouch sideways, and you’re able to comfortably use the armrests.
  • The backrest and padded headrests should be positioned at the correct height to provide support in the right places. 
  • The overall weight limit of the chair should be correct for your weight so that the chair can provide the support required, as should the weight capacity of the leg lift, to ensure the motor is able to function properly.  If the chair’s weight capacity is too low then the motors will be placed under undue pressure and may fail.
  • Of course, as well as fitting you personally the chair also needs to fit in your home!  We need to be able to get it in – up any stairs and through narrow doorways – and it needs to be able to recline fully in the space where it’s going to be used.  All of these are things we can check for you. 
riser recliner chair

Riser recliner mechanism

Once we’ve helped you to determine the right dimensions, the riser recliner mechanism is the next thing to consider.  This will be determined by your lifestyle and health needs, as well as comfort and posture.  Again, this is an area we can offer help with and you can read more about the difference between single and dual-motor riser recliners in our recent article


Then, you need to look at the style of chair that you like, the colour and the fabric – and don’t underestimate the importance of these cosmetic options!  We want you to love everything about your chair so, if your style is contemporary, you want a chair that matches your home. 

Likewise, if you’re drawn to a more traditional look, we can find a riser recliner that suits your taste and matches the other furniture in your room.

You can even choose complementary furniture such as sofas and fireside chairs so that your riser recliner doesn’t look like the ‘odd one out’!

The back style and seat cushions are further options, which are again important choices for your support and comfort. 

Off the shelf or made to measure?

recliner chair

So … with all of these things to choose from, the question remains: should you go for off-the-shelf or made-to-measure? Well, that really depends on what’s available to suit your choices and measurements! 

While many of our off-the-shelf riser recliners do come in a range of set sizes (often small, medium or large with various weight capacities) with a choice of fabrics, motors, cushions and back styles, you may find that your ideal chair with the correct combination of sizes and features is out there ready and waiting for you – and, if you buy off-the-shelf, such as our Express Range, we can deliver and set your chair up in your home in just a matter of days, so you can be sitting in comfort very soon!

However, if nothing from the off-the-shelf options tick all of your boxes, then made-to-measure is the way to go.  You will have to wait a little longer but it will be worth it when your perfect chair arrives.

 With a bespoke chair, every aspect of your new riser recliner will be tailored precisely to your needs so you can be assured of optimum comfort and compatibility with your lifestyle and healthcare requirements, both now and in the future.

The key to making the right choice between an off-the-shelf riser recliner and a made-to-measure chair is establishing exactly what you want and need … and that’s what we’re experts at!  Get in touch to start the ball rolling and make 2023 your year of comfort.

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