The Different Riser Recliner Features and Movement Options

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So, you’ve made the decision to buy a riser recliner chair, great choice!  We guarantee that you’ll be pleased with your decision and you’ll soon see the impact that this type of chair can have on your health, your independence, your comfort and your overall happiness.  


But there are still some decisions to be made!  There is a range of features and movement options available with riser recliner chairs and we want to ensure that, when you buy a mobility chair from Stuart Mobility, you choose the one that’s perfect for you.  That means the riser recliner that you buy from us needs to meet your needs both now, and in the future.  It needs to fit well in your home and offer you the support and sumptuous comfort that you desire. 


Riser Recliner Movement Options

We’ve talked in a previous article about the difference between a single and dual motor riser recliner and how this affects the way they move but, to briefly summarise, with a single motor riser recliner the footrest comes up to support the legs and feet as the back reclines, whereas with a dual motor riser recliner the backrest and footrest can be operated independently, offering a greater degree of flexibility in movement and positioning.

However, there are a couple more options to consider when you’re thinking about your key riser recliner chair features and how to use a rise and recline chair…

Tilt-in-Space Riser Recliner

A tilt-in space riser recliner has a distinct movement style where the backrest doesn’t separate from the seat as it reclines backwards.  Instead, it always maintains a 90 degree ‘seated’ position as it tilts. 

This means that there’s no risk of rubbing or chafing on your back when the seat tilts backwards and it also allows an elevation of your legs above the hips, which is useful for anyone who suffers from poor circulation, leg swelling or oedema.  The hips, pelvis and back are fully supported throughout, which is good for those with a weak core or lower back. 

Wall-Hugger Riser Recliner

A wall hugger riser recliner provides another unique reclining movement, which is useful where space is compromised.  The chair gently slides forwards whilst it reclines backwards, therefore it only requires a few inches of clearance from the wall in order to fully recline.

Dual Motor Riser Recliner

In addition, some rise and recline chairs have extra motors powering the headrest and lumbar support, giving the user the option of adjusting these areas independently, providing optimum support where it’s needed most and enhancing comfort and safety.


Riser Recliner Chair Controls 

riser recliner remote

The way your riser recliner chair is adjusted, and therefore the comfort and support you enjoy, is controlled by a set of hand-held controls. 

These are usually stored in a convenient pocket on the side of your chair where they’re always within easy reach.  So, when it comes to operating your riser recliner chair, simply pick up the controls and, at the touch of a button, you can tilt gently back into a laid-back position or, if it’s time to get up from your chair, it will rise to support you safely back up to standing. 


Obviously, the more adjustability your riser recliner chair has, the more buttons there will be on the control, so this is something to take into consideration when making your selection.  A single-motor control is likely to have just two buttons – rise, or recline. 

A dual-motor with additional lumbar and powered headrest will have four sets of buttons to allow independent adjustability of all the features.  While some users will enjoy the opportunity to tweak each aspect of their chair’s comfort, others (those with sight problems or dementia, for example) could be overwhelmed by a more complicated remote control. 


Pressure Relief

Westbury-Riser-Reclinerwarminster seat cover for riser recliner

Seat cushions are usually foam-filled, but these come in a variety of options including:

  • Viscoform
  • Celliform
  • Liquiform
  • Coolform
  • Airform
  • Dynaform

 Combining layers of memory foam, reflex foam and gel these various seat cushion designs provide different levels of pressure relief and support, and are suitable for users at varying degrees of pressure risk.  Airform includes an alternating air cushion as well as a foam layer to provide protection for those at very high risk of pressure sores.


Posture Features 

warminster riser recliner back types

In order to provide postural support, most mobility rise and recline chairs offer a choice of back cushion styles for neck, shoulder, back, lumbar and lateral support.  The majority of back cushions are fibre filled with a level of adjustability. 

For example, chairs with waterfall backs have separate cushions that can be filled individually to provide the optimum level of comfort and postural support where it’s needed. 

Likewise, split lumbar backs have two individually fibre-filled cushions which can be adjusted to the user’s desired level.  There is also the option to add lateral support cushions, which are ideal for users with limited trunk stability or control and, if required, these can be foam-filled rather than fibre filled for enhanced support. 

Riser recliner chairs with large profile headrests can also offer additional head and shoulder support, encouraging good posture for users who have lost some degree of muscle control.


Safety Features

For households with young children or pets, it’s worth considering a riser recliner with an ‘anti crush’ feature which automatically detects anything crawling underneath the chair and will shut off the motor to prevent small children or animals from being trapped or crushed as the chair reclines or returns to a seated position.


Cosmetic Features

Of course, there are cosmetic options to consider too when you’re choosing a riser recliner chair – and these certainly shouldn’t be overlooked.  After all, when you’re investing in a piece of furniture that you’re likely to sit in daily for a number of years, you want to like it!  Most makes and models of riser recliner chairs come in a variety of colours and fabrics allowing you to select the one that best fits with the colour scheme in your home.

Many ranges also offer the option of matching sofas, which are designed to be as sumptuous and deeply comfortable as your riser recliner, but without the motors and mobility features.  Your friends, family and guests can sit as comfortably as you do, almost! 


As ever, our chair experts at Stuart Mobility are here whenever you need us to discuss the various options that are available.  Talk to us about your health, your home, your lifestyle and your budget; let us help to match you with your perfect riser recliner!

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