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We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve recently been shortlisted in The Small Awards 2020, ‘Bricks and Clicks’ category.  The Small Awards celebrate the smallest and greatest businesses in the UK, targeting the whole small business sector and focusing on businesses that are often overlooked by other awards.  The ‘Bricks and Clicks’ category is for the best multi-channel business and it’s an honour to have been shortlisted alongside some other fantastic small companies … but there’s a lot more to a nomination than the warm and fuzzy feeling it gives you.  While we eagerly await the outcome on 3rd September, we thought we’d explain a little more about why awards are important to small businesses (it’s not just because we like champagne and glitzy dinners!).

Taking a Closer Look

The process of submitting an application and being judged is very rigorous.  Judging panels leave no stone unturned as they examine every aspect of your business; this process in itself is very useful for business owners.  Putting your business under a microscope enables you not only to clearly see the things that you’re proud of but it also allows you to identify areas where improvements could be made.  When you’re busy running a business this opportunity to analyse the way you operate can be incredibly insightful – especially when business experts are offering their opinion.  Judges’ feedback on what you’re doing well and areas for further progression is invaluable.

Raising Your Profile

Small businesses are just that…small!  As such, it’s unlikely that they’re well-known nationally and can often struggle to reach new customers and communicate their message to audiences further afield. They may have a lot to offer, but due to their size it’s not easy to shout loud about their virtues.  Small voices can often be drowned out by larger companies.  Winning an award, or even being shortlisted, is great for raising your profile.  Suddenly, your business is receiving press coverage nationally; you’re listed on websites; you’re all over social media channels.  People are talking about you, asking questions and taking an interest.  A much-needed and well-deserved spotlight is shone on your businesses.

Reassurance for Customers

When you’re looking for a company to use, you want someone who’s trustworthy and reliable, right? An industry expert, not a ‘Jack of all trades’ or a ‘fly-by-night’.  An award or a nomination adds credibility to a business, letting customers know that a panel of experts have examined the business and found it to be amongst the best.  A nomination is a seal of approval – an award is a gold medal! 

A Pat on the Back

We said there’s more to a nomination than the warm and fuzzy feeling… but that’s nice too!  As a small business owner, your day-to-day role can include everything from answering the phone to cleaning the loos, or chairing a meeting to making the coffee.   You may know a lot about your product or your particular industry area, but you also have to learn about every other aspect of running a business too – accounts, marketing, customer service, delivery, ordering… you name it, it all falls within your remit.  And, while all this is very rewarding, there’s no denying it is hard work.  So, when you’re nominated for an award, it’s like getting a big pat on the back; an acknowledgement from the business world that you’re doing a good job.  That’s always nice to hear.


As we mentioned, running a small business is not easy.  You don’t go home at night and ‘turn off’ – it becomes a way of life; often everyone in the family is involved and there’s barely a moment when you’re not doing or thinking about work in some capacity.  An award is a great morale boost and can really motivate you to keep driving the business forward.  Once you’ve been named as being at the top of your game, you and your team will strive to stay there; to keep progressing and making sure your customers are receiving the best service in the UK.

The Ceremony

Yes, we did say it’s not just because we like champagne and glitzy dinners – but who doesn’t love an awards ceremony?!  The chance to get dressed up and celebrate all the hard work that’s brought you to this point is fabulous.  However, there’s more to the ceremony than celebrating … you’ve been brought together with a group of amazing business people, who are all doing great things in their specialist areas.  It’s a fantastic opportunity to network, make connections, learn about other people’s stories and gain an insight into how other small businesses work.  In each category you’ll hear about the best of the best and go home full of ideas and inspiration.

So, as you can see, there’s a lot more to an award than a shiny trophy (but we do love those, too!) 

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