The Benefits of a Rise and Recline Chair After a Stroke

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Dealing with the repercussions of a stroke and embarking on your recovery journey can be really challenging, so it’s imperative that you have the right professional support, expertise and specially designed products to facilitate at this crucial time.  

Strokes can impact many different areas of your life from speech and cognition right through to movement.  Mobility is often affected, sometimes temporarily and sometimes permanently, to varying degrees depending on the severity of the stroke.  This can range from slow or jerky movements right through to complete paralysis of certain parts of the body.  

For some patients, recovery from stroke will be more complete than others – for some individuals, life is changed immeasurably and permanently, while others, in time, will be able to relearn or regain lost functions and see improvements.  No two stroke patients are the same, so the approach to their care and recovery has to be individually assessed.  No matter what challenges you face, a riser recliner can really help to keep you safe, comfortable and fully supported in all the right places, facilitating your recovery and preventing further health problems from arising.

Why would the wrong seating be a problem?

Anyone who’s recovering from a stroke is likely to spend longer periods of time sitting, especially during the early days following their stroke, no matter what their level of activity was like beforehand.  Having a chair which offers the right support is really important as you manage symptoms, learn to adapt and embark upon your post-stroke recovery.  The last thing you need is for incorrect seating to cause you more pain, discomfort or health problems. 

It’s imperative that a good seating position is maintained to prevent stress on the joints, enable the correct posture for breathing and digestion, prevent slipping, slumping or falling, and avoid pressure sores developing.  While people with full neural and muscular control will be constantly moving and shifting their position when they sit, those with impaired movement caused by a stroke are less able to do this, so their chair needs to do some of the work on their behalf!  

What can a riser recliner do to help?

A riser recliner chair can promote comfort, independence, safety and health for stroke patients, giving them the right support exactly where it’s needed.  As mentioned, no two stroke patients are the same and everyone’s physical symptoms will differ, so it’s really important that a full assessment is carried out to ascertain your individual needs.  We can work with physiotherapists, occupational therapists, carers and other healthcare professionals to help find the perfect chair to meet your post-stroke and recovery needs.

Large profile headrests can provide support for your head and neck to maintain a comfortable, safe and neutral upright position, while lumbar support can help to facilitate an upright sitting position, preventing leaning or slumping and keeping the spine fully supported.  Lateral support cushions in ‘comfort’ (fibre-filled) or ‘support’ (foam-filled) can provide support for anyone with limited trunk control or strength, with the foam-filled option offering more sturdy postural aid for those who’ve suffered a more severe stroke.  

Waterfall or split-lumbar back cushions offer adjustability in back support and can be altered on a day-to-day basis to meet your needs.  Various seat cushion options, including a vast range of healthcare cushion choices, can offer pressure relief, support, stability, cooling technology, airflow and antibacterial properties which can be really important for pressure-risk users, typically those suffering from loss of movement in the lower body.  Additionally, waterproof and wipeable fabric options are available for users with continence issues.

Using a riser recliner to raise your legs while sitting can help to improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, and reduce the pressure in the veins in your legs.  The ‘tilt in space’ recliner option can be especially good for stroke patients as it allows repositioning without altering the sitting angle. 

For stroke patients who are able to stand up and walk, working on improving strength and mobility through physical therapy is an important part of the recovery process, but initially getting up and down from a chair can be difficult and you may feel unsteady and anxious at first.  A riser recliner can provide assistance in getting up and sitting down while you rebuild both your strength and your confidence, encouraging you to do this more frequently in a safe and supported way. 

Having your health, mobility and independence snatched from you suddenly with a stroke can be a scary experience but, with the right support, you can see improvements.  We have, over the years, seen the lives of many stroke patients change dramatically with the correct mobility seating solutions.  Having the right chair in your home that’s working with you, not against you, can provide you with the all-important comfort and peace of mind that you need on your recovery journey.   

For help and advice on finding the right riser recliner for you, please contact us on 01283 688002.  Our experienced chair experts will be happy to help you find the perfect riser recliner or healthcare seating solution to meet your individual post-stroke needs. 

*Please note that, although we are experts in chairs and seating for medical and mobility purposes, we are not medically trained.  For advice relating specifically to stroke symptoms and recovery, please consult a medical professional. 

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