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We know how difficult it can be trying to survive as a small business, especially in challenging economic times.  But we also know that working with small businesses offers so many benefits – a truly personal level of service that the big corporations just cant compete with!  Thats why we always choose to work with other small businesses wherever possible – partly to offer them our trade and support but also, largely, because we genuinely believe that they have so much more to offer than multinational conglomerates! 

Weve told you, in a previous article, about the fantastic British chair manufacturers who supply our rise and recliners.  Now, were going to tell you about the other fabulous, small, local businesses who, together, help us to function day-to-day.  Were not just supporting them because theyre fellow small businesses … theyre truly brilliant and we really couldnt manage without them!



This local company helps us with our social media, which to be honest can feel like just another hassle for small businesses!  We know how important it is to have a social media presence in this digital age but, when were constantly busy with the day-to-day running of the business, posting online is often the last thing weve got time for!  Luckily, we can pass all of this over to Kaye and Rachel, the social media experts at Social Myna, who make sure that were getting the right messages out there and promoting our business on all the social channels.

They also help update our website, adding new pages and uploading our blog. Its such a weight off our minds knowing that this aspect of our marketing is in such capable hands.

Repeat Digital

The SEO and digital marketing experts at Repeat Digital make sure that our website is visible and accessible to all the right people!  A website is so much more important than a shop front these days, especially in our business when our customers are all over the country, but with so many websites out there its easy to get lost.  These digital whizzes make sure that our virtual shop windowis gleaming and highly visible!  Their clever behind-the-scenes work means that our customers and prospective customers can easily find us at the click of a button when they need riser recliners or specialist chairs.  

Essential Print Services

While digital marketing is vital, theres still a place for print in this modern age and, when we need printing, we know just where to turn!  Yvonne, our print guru over at Essential Print Services in Derby, takes care of all our printing needs from brochures and leaflets right through to mugs and promotional gifts.  We know that we can always trust her and her team to come up with something that looks amazing and, crucially, to always deliver on time and on budget. 

Tax Partnership

Every business needs the help and support of good accountants to keep them on firm financial foundations, and the Tax Partnership, based in Derby, are some of the best around.  Theyve taken the time to get to know and understand our business and our journey – from where weve been to where we want to go.  We get a truly personal service and they keep us on the straight and narrow financially, making sure that were always fully up-to-date and in the picture, to enable us to make informed business decisions and plan for the future. 

Optimum Business Supplies

For our day-to-day stationery necessities we always rely on Optimum as theyre, well, reliable!  We know that well receive quality products at a good price, whenever we need them.  Ordering is always quick and seamless and, if we need any help with products, their friendly team are super knowledgeable. Theyve never let us down which is why well always give them our custom.  Once weve found a great supplier, we stick with them! 

EDM Garage

Its crucial that our vehicles are always in tip-top shape so that we can rely on them for deliveries – and EDM Garage in Findern have the knowledge and expertise to keep them on the road day in, day out.  We know we can trust them to keep our vehicles in A1 condition for our nationwide deliveries but, if the unthinkable happens and we do have a breakdown (because, lets face it, these things do happen!) we know theyll always do all they can to get us moving again quickly.

Oberoi Business Hub

There are very few people wed trust with our customer support, but Oberoi Business Hub, based in Derby, are good enough to have earned this trust!  When were busy with deliveries, set ups and the day-to-day running of Stuart Mobility, we can rely on the team at Oberoi to answer calls from our customers.  Professional, friendly and supportive, we know that the call handlers at Oberoi will provide the level of service that our customers expect and deserve during those times when were not available in person.  

So, thats it – our trusted suppliers in the local area.  Wed wholeheartedly recommend each and every one of them.  As we said, working with small businesses is special because they truly care about their customers and we know were more than just a number for all of these wonderful suppliers.  Over and above all that they do from a business perspective, we also know that a quick chat with any of them will brighten our day, and thats worth its weight in gold too! 

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