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As active members of the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) we are very supportive of their aims.

With the ongoing changes to COVID-19 restrictions across England, Wales and Scotland the BHTA is urging its members to continue to give the highest priority to the health and safety of everyone we come into contact with.

We are very happy to comply with this and when we deliver directly to your home, as a minimum we will carry on wearing masks and gloves, maintaining our social distance and wash our hands or use sanitiser before and after any interactions.

Our showroom is now open for pre-arranged visits. This ensures your time with us will be exclusive and means we can maintain high levels of cleanliness between visits.

We also undertake regular lateral flow tests as a precautionary measure.

We are always mindful of people’s health and well-being in all our customer contacts and if you have any particular concerns we are happy to discuss these with you and to make any necessary changes to our delivery arrangements as a result.

When we make deliveries to care homes and similar buildings, we always follow the guidelines given by the manager. Very occasionally this means we must stay outside whilst a member of staff signs for and delivers the chair for us.

The BHTA has excellent resources for us to use and offers personalised advice around health and safety so you can relax knowing we have the back-up of experts at a highly regarded professional association.

As COVID-19 guidelines and advice develops across the country we will monitor any changes and assess how they affect our day-to-day business.

BHTA members are responsible for the design, production and distribution of vital healthcare and assistive technologies across the country.

The association estimates that its members have over 100,000 face-to-face interactions with patients with long-term conditions, disabled and elderly people each week.

This article is based on information which originally appeared on the BHTA website              

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