Our Service… Inspired by My Mum!

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As Mother’s Day approaches, we all think about our mums and what they do for us.  This year, it struck me that my mum does a lot more than she realises!  She influences the way we at Stuart Mobility interact with our customers on a daily basis.  The more I thought about it, the more I realised I refer to my mum a lot during everyday conversations with our customers.  Knowing what my mum likes and dislikes enables us to effectively tailor our service to the needs and wishes of the generation that we most frequently serve.

For example, we’d never dream of entering my mum’s house without taking our shoes off.  And, from day one, it’s always been something we’ve done at customers’ houses too, through force of habit.  It’s often commented on – our customers really appreciate that simple act of common courtesy. 

My mum also ‘doesn’t trust the internet’!  She doesn’t have a computer or a tablet, she doesn’t shop or bank online (in fact, she doesn’t even use a cashpoint) so, when our customers want to see chairs in the showroom or at their homes rather than on our website, we completely understand.  When they’d prefer to pay by cash or cheque than use a card, that’s fine too.  We’re happy to accommodate and will adapt to whatever makes them feel comfortable.  In recent years there have been a lot of advances in technology, banking and shopping habits and while some of the older generation are happy to embrace these changes, others are not – and that’s perfectly understandable. 

At Stuart Mobility, customer care is and always has been our focus (alongside the high quality of our products).  So, we’re happy to do things the way our customers like them to be done.  My mum always helps me to see things from the perspective of the older generation and, from our family to yours, we’ll do all we can to take care of your loved ones – providing the products they need with the level of service they want.

If you don’t like the internet, no problem.  If you want to flick through a paper brochure, that’s fine.  If you’d like to try before you buy in the comfort of your own home, just let us know.  Payment is accepted by card, cash or cheque – they all do the same job.  And, you can guarantee that we’ll always respect your home as if it was our own… or, better still, as if it was my mums!

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