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One of the greatest satisfactions of our business is seeing the real difference a well-designed, correctly proportioned chair can make to the overall health and well-being of our customers.

These benefits are always brought into sharper focus at this time of year when Dementia week takes place. The aim of the annual campaign is to encourage people to take action to improve the lives of those affected by dementia, working to create a dementia-friendly UK where those with dementia do not feel excluded.

People with dementia have particular needs when it comes to seating and can’t always make their views known about how comfortable or not a particular chair may be. I remember one lady who found it impossible to sit upright in a chair and kept leaning over to one side, then tumbling out of her chair.

Working with her and her family, we managed to find a solution – a comfortable combination of side supports and cushions which helped improve her posture when sitting and held her more safely, so she wasn’t in danger of toppling sideways out of the chair. This was a real benefit to her day-to-day living and peace of mind for those caring for her – as you can see from the photograph linked to this article.

This is one of the great benefits of healthcare chairs – they can be adapted in all sorts of ways to give you the perfect fit.

If anyone is very tall there are ways we can help , one of our tallest customers was 6 feet 7 inches and an extra tall back was made so his head could be correctly supported.

Likewise, petite sizes stop people feeling swamped by a chair and gives them extra independence and stability to stand up or sit down.

We often work with occupational therapists to ensure their clients get the correct chair for them.

Seat sizes and cushions can be made to measure. Pressure cushion seats of all types – for example, gel or air – are available and this is a great help to anyone who sits for very long periods without moving and goes a long way to preventing pressure sores.

There is an almost bewildering combination of options available when it comes to made-to-measure – for example, feet instead of castors, footplates on certain chairs, an incredibly wide range and combination of fabrics, including wipeable, heat and massage and then all the different motor and mechanism options.

The choice can be overwhelming and we are always happy to offer advice or carry out a seating assessment and advise on the best options. Getting the right chair is important and we know from the feedback we receive from customers and their families that having the correct seating makes a big difference to people’s lives.

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