How To Maintain Your Mobility

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From the very first day you enter into the world you begin ageing. You can try and hold it off as long as possible, but we are all on a relentless journey that inevitably begins to take its toll on our bodies. The ability for us to move around begins to take much more effort than it used to. Muscles and joints begin to simply not be able to do the things they once did.

It might be due to illness, injury or simply old age, but when you have no choice but to slow down it can affect more than you think. Your mobility is vitally important and here are a few things you can do to try and maintain it.


Keep Moving

As little as 10 minutes moving a day can improve your mobility and also bring lots of other benefits. If you’re not in a position to peel on the lycra, an accompanied walk around the neighbourhood will get your joints moving and stretch your muscles. There are also a huge range of simple exercises you can do, many of them seated in a suitable chair. Make sure your chair fits you correctly and is stable enough before you start – give us a call if you’re unsure.

Eat Right

For people that can’t move as much as they once did, diet is extremely important. The calorie count needs to be much lower to account for the energy you are not burning any more. The nutrition gained from the food you eat becomes much more important in order to make sure your body is able to look after itself. A good diet is the key to maintaining strength in your muscles, the suppleness of your joints and also increasing your energy levels and digestion.

If you’re not in a position to start cooking all your meals from fresh ingredients, it may be worthwhile talking to a health food store or your doctor and they may be able to advice on suitable supplements.


There are two main issues with brain function as your mobility may be declining, the most important of which is how you cope with things. It’s natural to feel upset and down about your declining health, but being positive is much more beneficial to your longevity. Admittedly that is easier said than done, but the first step may be simply investing in some mobility aids. Simple things like walking sticks, stair lifts and riser chairs will help you maintain independence without the stress and strain.

Engaging your brain may also be extremely beneficial to maintaining your mobility. If your mind is active and healthy then you will feel like doing more things and feel like being active more often. Puzzles and reading will help, but it can be as easy as simply spending time with friends and family, engaging in conversation and doing something you enjoy.

If company isn’t abundant, you may be interested in keeping a journal, writing down your memories as a child or simply joining a local group to meet some new people. You can find your local support groups or organisations on the government website.

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