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riser recliner chairIn this guide to finding the best riser recliner chair, we’ll take a look at the different types of rise and recline chairs that are available on the market and how they can benefit a wide range of customers with varying needs.  This month we’ll be looking at how riser recliner chairs work, who needs them, and the different types of riser recliners that are available.

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ riser recliner for good reason – we’re not all the same size, for a start! But we also have very individual needs and the different chairs on the market address these issues in unique ways, providing comfort, support and improving health and independence.  Yes, a chair really can do all that!

How do riser recliner chairs work? 

Riser recliner chairs can help you to sit down and stand up with ease by gently supporting you into a seated or standing position, usually via a hand-held control and a motor (or a dual motor).

The motorised recliner chairs nowadays are a far cry from the manual recliners you may remember from years ago which required a lot of force and effort to recline – nowadays the modern motorised chairs can take you from standing to fully reclined at the push of a button! 

Who needs a riser recliner chair?

Today’s electric riser recliner chairs effortlessly take the strain of sitting and standing away from muscles and joints.  You can fully trust the chair to provide the stability you need and do all the work for you as you ease gently either up or down. 

Your motorised rise and recline chair also provides a supportive sitting or reclined position, so you can relax in comfort.  

The right riser recliner chair can help to aid comfort for those who spend a long time sitting in one chair, as well as maintaining independence for those who struggle with sitting and standing.  Instead of feeling ‘trapped’ in your chair until someone’s able to help you up, riser recliner users can press the handy remote and be quickly and safely supported into an upright position ready to answer the door or pop the kettle on! 

For people with disabilities, long-term illnesses, pain, or discomfort, riser recliners can also help to alleviate symptoms and provide the right support where it’s needed.  Relieving pressure, providing support and improving posture can, in turn, improve symptoms such as digestion problems, breathing difficulties and circulatory issues as well as vastly reducing the risk of slouching, slumping or toppling out of a chair.

Ideal for the elderly or anyone with mobility problems, riser recliner chairs are becoming an increasingly popular choice for providing comfort and improving independence at home. 

Different types of riser recliner chairs

There are many different options available and choosing the right riser recliner chair can feel overwhelming.  From single or dual motors to back and seat cushion styles, high leg lifts or powered headrests, there are many features to consider.

Whether you need them or not comes down to your individual requirements – which can be dictated by a range of factors including your health conditions, mobility, height and weight, expected future needs and, of course, constraints like space and budget.  And that’s before we even start looking at the almost endless combinations of fabrics, colours and styles!  

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Which model is best for me?

Because the range of features is so extensive, we strongly recommend consulting our chair experts to ensure that you choose the right model to meet all your needs both now and in the future.  Our highly experienced and knowledgeable staff can guide you through the decision-making process either online, over the phone, or we can even bring a selection of riser recliner chairs for you to try in the comfort of your own home! 

We’re not here to just ‘sell you a chair’, we’re here to help you find that perfect match.

For example, if you’re short on space at home, a wallhugger model can fully recline with just 6” of space behind the chair, due to the unique way that it’s designed to tilt, sliding the chair forwards as the back reclines.  If you have problems with circulation, then a model that offers a high leg lift will help to alleviate your symptoms, these are also called tilt in space. 

It’s vital that your new riser recliner chair is the right size for you, in order to provide the correct support.  If a chair is wrongly fitted you won’t see the benefits of the support and it could place extra pressure on your joints.  Think of it like buying a comfortable pair of shoes!

In a correctly fitted riser recliner your head should be on the headrest and your feet flat on the floor whilst sitting, with the correct seat depth so that your bottom is at the back of the seat and your back against the cushion. 

If the chair’s too deep you will slide forwards and if it’s too shallow your thighs won’t be supported.  It also needs to be the correct width to provide side support and prevent slumping over.  When you’re eased back into a reclined position, your legs, back and neck should again all be supported to prevent pressure on joints.

While you can comfortably nap, you shouldn’t sleep in a riser recliner chair for long periods as it is not designed to replace a bed.  It can, of course, help you to get up again when it’s time for bed – just press the button and you’ll be gently and safely guided back onto your feet!

How much do riser recliner chairs cost?

Riser recliner chairs range in cost but you can be assured that at Stuart Mobility, you’ll receive a top quality chair at an incredibly competitive price.  As a family-run business we strive to offer the kind of value and service that our customers deserve, usually saving ££s over the larger national chains that you may see on the TV advertising mobility chairs, disability chairs or rise and recline chairs.   

All of our rise and recline chairs come from quality British manufacturers and range in price from £695 for the popular dual motor Cosi Chair Heddon, to £1295 for the best-selling dual motor, high leg lift, tilt in space Cosi Chair Jubilee with its sumptuous sprung cushion or the Pride Dorchester 4 motor lift chair with its lumbar and powered headrest, extending footrest, USB charger and stunning Shelly Leather as an optional extra.  

We also offer some end of line bargains and reconditioned chairs offering exceptional value without compromising on quality. 

Whatever you buy from Stuart Mobility, UK delivery and set up in your home is included at no extra cost.

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How much should I spend on a riser recliner chair?

What you choose to spend on a riser recliner is entirely up to you!  As well as the chair’s technical specification there are factors such as the fabric type which can contribute to the cost (leather, for example, incurs an additional cost) and sprung cushions tend to be more expensive than foam. 

However, the well-known saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ doesn’t apply where our chairs are concerned – whatever model you choose you can be assured that you’re buying a quality riser recliner that’s built to last and will be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty (the exact duration of warranty varies by brand). 

Whether you’re choosing from our lower budget chairs right through to our top-end ranges, we’ll ensure that your new rise and recline chair offers all the right features to provide you with the comfort and support you need. 

If you have mobility problems and require special equipment to live independently at home you may also qualify for a VAT exemption from the government, which we can help to advise you on.

To take the first step towards buying your new riser recliner chair, contact our team on 01283 704071 (9am – 6pm), email or use the live chat facility on our website. 

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