How Mobility Chairs Improve Quality of Mental Health

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You might be thinking ‘How can a chair help your mental health?’ Well, you may be surprised to hear that this is actually one of the greatest benefits that our customers enjoy!

February 1st was ‘Time to Talk Day’, when we were all encouraged to find the time to talk – and listen – to each other, by sharing our worries and concerns, and asking for help when we need it.

Admitting that you need help really isn’t an easy thing to do, and we often find that for our customers, or their friends, families and loved ones, understanding that their mobility has deteriorated to the point where they could benefit from some support and assistance is often the hardest step to take, but there is certainly no shame in it.

If you have any struggles, daily discomfort or concerns about your mobility or that of a loved one, we would encourage you to talk to someone – whether that’s another friend or family member, a healthcare professional, or us! Once you’ve realised how many products and what a wide range of choice there is out there to help, it’s such an eye opener.

There really is no need to struggle or put up with pain or discomfort. Our multitude of riser recliner chairs could make the world of difference not only to your comfort and physical health, but also your mental health too.

Improved Comfort

Your home should be a place where you feel at your most relaxed and comfortable. We often hear the phrases ‘home comforts’ or ‘in the comfort of your own home’ – it’s a natural association. So, when your furniture is no longer offering you the right support and the levels of comfort that you deserve, it’s time to address this!

A mobility chair can offer you more than just comfort, it can also help to improve physical conditions, reduce pain and inflammation, improve quality of sleep and do away with those inconvenient day-to-day struggles that you’ve been battling. With the help of a well-fitted mobility chair, your home can once again become a comfortable haven and you’ll find that you feel happier, more relaxed and less anxious.

Better Safety

As well as feeling comfortable in your own home, both you and those who care for you want to know that you’re safe, too. A well-measured and fitted riser recliner chair provides the right support in all the right places for your individual healthcare and mobility needs, therefore mitigating the risk of slipping, slouching, slumping or falling out of your chair.

The simple controls can tip you gently into a sitting or fully reclined position, or guide you carefully upright to a standing position, with no pressure on your joints or risk of a fall. While you’re sitting, the individually designed (and often fully adjustable) cushions can provide back, head, neck, trunk, leg and lateral support exactly where it’s needed.

Just knowing that you’re safe and supported provides invaluable peace of mind and reduces stress and anxiety around your safety and wellbeing.

Restored Independence

The right mobility chair can do wonders to improve your independence. You may have become reliant on other people to help you into, or out of your chair. This means that unless someone else is around, you’re confined to sitting in one place until it’s possible or convenient to have some assistance.

A riser recliner mobility chair can help you safely to your feet or back down to a sitting position at the push of a button, so you’re no longer dependent on anyone else to help you get up or down. Restoring this independence can give you a real boost and will certainly benefit your mental wellbeing. No more sitting and waiting for other people, or feeling like you’re an inconvenience – with a riser recliner you can once again get up and down whenever you like!

While it’s not always easy to come to terms with reducing mobility or the fact that you could benefit from a mobility aid, the vast majority of our customers tell us that a riser recliner has changed their life for the better and they invariably wish they’d got one sooner.

If you’re just beginning to think about a riser recliner and wondering how it could help, we’d be happy to have a chat and explain how a mobility chair may be able to benefit you. Our chair experts have always got ‘Time to Talk’: 01283 688002. Alternatively, browse our vast range of mobility chairs online or, to find out about other customers’ life-changing experiences, read our 5* Google Reviews!

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