Occupational Therapy and the Importance of Rise & Recline Armchairs

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“Occupational therapy supports people whose physical or mental health, environment or social circumstances make it difficult to take part in the activities that matter to them” NHS Inform (2023).

For me, being an occupational therapist is the greatest job in the world.  I gained my degree as a mature student after needing occupational therapy as a patient following what could have been a catastrophic life changing injury. It turned out be life changing for the better. My therapy team changed my life. I thought they were incredible, so I went to university to be just like they were, and I have loved every minute!

An image of Rachel Nurse, an OT.

As an occupational therapist, I get to know what makes you, you; what you like and dislike, what you must, need to, and want to do. I get to know what you’re good at, what you enjoy and what you struggle with. I identify what barriers you face. I get to know what matters to you. I get to work with you to remove those barriers if we can, if not, we will minimise them as much as we can so that you can live your life how you wish to. I get to work with you to overcome whatever it is you have difficulties with so that you can engage with life the way you want to.

We work together to create strategies enabling you to be independent. We can alter your physical environment, adding grab rails, a ramp, a walk-in shower.  We can change what you do and how you do it to make things easier, sitting to put on socks and footwear, ensure rest breaks during the day to manage fatigue. We can identify appropriate equipment to help you such as a perch stool or a raised toilet seat. 

An essential piece of equipment is good seating and posture support, this provides a foundation for a wide range of occupations. Positioning is vital for essential occupations such as breathing and eating. Correct positioning and posture support can make a huge difference for efficient and safe performance of these essential occupations, as well as supporting pain management and maintaining skin integrity.

To support mobility, rise & recline chairs take some of the effort out of transferring from sitting to standing, or to help with aching or swollen legs, the recliner can comfortably allow good positioning of the legs. Good seating can help to improve skin condition, enabling positions to be changed regularly so that pressure areas are relieved, and the risk of skin damage is minimised. Good posture support can provide comfort, relieve pain and enable engagement in chosen occupations, as well as managing changes in muscle tone.

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