BHTA – What Is It, and What Does It Mean for Our Customers?

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Stuart Mobility is a proud member of the BHTA – British Healthcare Trades Association.  This is a voluntary membership of a non-profit body, created with the aim of bringing the industry together to shape and improve the health and care of all.  They work to improve industry standards and consumer protection and, in joining the BHTA, we have committed to adhering to their Code of Practice – the first and only code in the healthcare industry to have been approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI).  We’ll explain more about what that is and what it means shortly, but firstly, a bit of background about the BHTA:

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What is the BHTA? 

The BHTA ( has over 100 years’ history of supporting the health and care industry.  They set out their vision, mission and purpose as follows:

Our Vision: For everyone to have access to the best products and support available, so they can live healthier and more independent lives.

Our Mission: To champion the interests of our members and raise the profile of the work of the British healthcare and assistive technology sector.

Our Purpose: To bring the healthcare and assistive technology industry together, giving companies a voice in their shared endeavour to help people live independent, healthier lives.


Its members are those with a shared belief in an ethical market and a vision of better health and care for all – and we’re proud to be amongst them.  

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What does our BHTA membership mean for our customers?

Essentially, by joining the BHTA and adhering to their Code of Practice, we’re committing to excellent customer care coupled with a trustworthy, ethical and reputable service.  We’re saying that we’re 100% on your side and we’re here for you when you need us most.  Our membership is voluntary and goes above and beyond our legal obligations – it’s about our values and principles.  

Our membership of the BHTA means a lot to us as their principles are so closely aligned with our own.  But for our customers, it provides the extra reassurance that everything we do and say is regulated by industry experts.  It gives you the peace of mind that we’re committed to putting our customers’ needs first, and certainty that you can trust in the advice, information and products that we supply.  

The Code of Practice is built on 10 key principles, which you can read about in-depth here, but amongst them, they include:

“Products and services will only be supplied where they fulfil a genuine need.”

“All communications, verbal and written, will be made in plain language.”

“Where selling products, they ensure that these are of satisfactory quality and fit for the purpose specified.  Their selling techniques will be ethical and they will deliver high standards of service.”

“At all times, the vulnerable nature of the customer will be respected.  No customer will be coerced in any way.”

In essence, our adherence to this code gives assurance that we commit to selling quality products that you want and need, that will enhance your quality of life, health and independence, with no pressure selling, jargon or coercion. 

We’re here to match good quality, well-designed and British-built riser recliners, mobility chairs and products to people who need them.  Our sole aim is to help older people or those with health problems to enjoy a better quality of life and through our knowledge, experience and quality products we’ve helped countless people over the years to enjoy improved health and independence.   We’re certainly not here just to sell any old chair to anyone – if that’s what we were about we’d open a sofa warehouse! 

We absolutely respect that many of our customers are older or vulnerable and we’d certainly never take advantage of this fact.  It’s abhorrent to us that anyone would, but sadly it happens.  We’d encourage anyone buying any health and care or support product or service to buy from a BHTA member, to avoid coming into contact with unscrupulous sellers.  Those in their senior years or experiencing any kind of health problems should be able to be expect honesty, support and unfaltering care.

Should anything go wrong, consumers have the protection of the independent BHTA who will hold any members deemed to be in breach of the Code of Conduct to account, swiftly and amicably resolving any problems at no additional cost to the customer.

What does our BHTA membership do for us? 

Not only does our BHTA membership benefit our customers by providing peace of mind and reassurance that we’re a genuine, honest company with their best interests at heart, but it also helps us, too!  Being part of something bigger is beneficial to us as a small, independent, family-run business.  While our thoughts and ideas would otherwise not be heard, with the BHTA we’re part of a group of passionate, likeminded businesses from across the industry from sole-traders to large multinationals.  This gives us a collective voice and, with that, the opportunity to shape and influence developments, policies and the direction and future of our industry.  Together, we’re stronger and, by uniting with other companies with the same fundamental beliefs, we can collectively drive forward our shared vision of ethical trading and better health and care for all.

It also means that we’re amongst the first to hear about new developments, policies and changes in our industry so we’re always at the forefront of change.  Our customers deserve the very best so, if anything new and improved comes along – whether that’s a new riser recliner chair or associated healthcare support product, or a new policy, grant or funding, we’re in a position to quickly act and pass the benefits on to you.

Whatever you’re buying – whether that’s a health and care support product or a service – we would urge you to always look for the BHTA membership logo for reassurance that it’s a company you can trust.  We’ve met many other BHTA members and it’s good to know that there are so many good people in our industry that share our strong values. 

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