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Since man first sat in a chair, their elders have been berating them to do it properly. School teachers and parents tell us to “sit up strait” and “don’t slouch” but its not always as easy as they think. In fact during a study in the 1950’s anthropologist Gordon W. Hewes found one hundred variations of common sitting positions. So how exactly are you expected to know how to sit correctly and still be comfortable?

The thing is – if you don’t get it right, poor posture can cause a whole range of health complications that run much deeper than you might think. Pain in your back, hips, legs, shoulder or neck could only be the start. Loss of motion, weakness in muscle groups, headaches and even loss of brain function are often caused by poor posture that is amplified whist sitting down. So here are a few things to considering when buying your next chair.

Seat Width

If you’re squeezing up against the sides of your chair, there is more to worry about than loosing a few pounds. Your seat should always provide you with enough room to sit comfortably and move a little, but not too much that you don’t make use of the arm rests. Initial comfort may feel fine, but a chair being too wide or too narrow can affect the way you sit over long periods of time and cause health issues going forward.

Seat Depth

Arguably this is one of the most important attributes to get right when buying a chair. The chair should support the whole length of your thighs. A seat that is too deep and your muscles will stain due to leaning back against the chair, and also cause your bottom to slide forward. If your chair is too shallow you risk restricting circulation in your legs and also rubbing the inside of your knees on the fabric.

Seat Height

The second very important fitting to get the most from your chair is the height of your seat (measured from cushion to floor). This will ultimately determine how easy it is for you to use your chair, and also ensure you’re sitting in the best position. Standard fitting chairs can vary widely and won’t fit many people well enough to be comfortable. A high chair will be much easier to stand up from, however one that is too tall will mean your feet are unable to touch the floor. This might seem harmless but it will place a huge strain on your legs, reducing circulation and also making it much harder to sit up correctly. Sit in one too low and this will strain your hips and knees as well as make it much harder to stand up from seated.

Other considerations

Rise and recline chairs can help mediate many issues with the comfort of your chair and make it much easier to stand up. However there are many more things that you need to take into account when buying the most comfortable riser chair. Things that many people overlook such as types of fabric, arm rest heights and shape of the chair back. That’s why it is vital you try out as many as possible and get some expert advice. To speak to the experts reach out through our website, or give us a ring on 01283 704 071.

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