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So, you’ve made the decision to buy a riser recliner – that’s great! We’re sure you won’t regret it and you’ll soon wonder how you managed without the comfort and independence that a mobility chair can offer.  But, now you’ve decided to make the purchase, how do you choose the right chair for you?  With a wide choice it can feel overwhelming, which is why we’ve set out these 5 steps which will help you select from all the available options and find your perfect match.

1. Size

The first step is always to make sure your chair fits you.  A chair that’s the wrong size for your height or weight can actually do more harm

than good.  If your riser recliner is correctly fitted then you will see immense physical benefits from the support a chair can offer, however if it doesn’t fit your frame well then it could place undue pressure on joints, cause rubbing or pressure sores, and risk you slumping over or slipping out of your chair.  

Your chair fits correctly when you can sit comfortably with your head on the headrest, your feet flat on the floor, your bottom at the back of the seat and your back supported by the back cushion.  If the chair is too deep for you, you risk sliding forwards, while if it’s too shallow your thighs won’t be properly supported.  If it’s too wide you may slump over sideways, but if it’s too narrow then your skin could be trapped or chafed.  When you’re gently guided by the chair into a relaxed, reclined position then the full length of your body should be supported, to avoid placing undue pressure on joints.  

It’s not just your height that you need to think about, either – weight is a factor too.  Most chairs have weight parameters so you need to ensure that the chair you’re looking at can provide the support your body needs.  A number of bariatric chairs are available for anyone outside of the weight limit of the standard range of chairs, with 35, 40 and 50 stone chairs and seat widths up to 30” or made-to-measure, to cater for every size of person.  

Of course, your chair also needs to fit well in the space you have available at home!  If you’ve got a compact room there are options available, such as wallhuggers which can recline within just 6” of space, so whatever size your room is you can fully recline in comfort without compromise.

2. Cushions

When you’ve bought standard lounge chairs in the past you may not have given a great deal of thought to the cushions beyond how soft/firm or comfortable they feel.  In fact, you’ve probably only had the choice of either foam or memory foam before.  Well, with a riser recliner or mobility chair the range of cushion options is much wider, and they all offer something a little bit different.

Your seat cushions can be made from a choice of foams, gel or air, including Viscoform, Celliform, Liquiform, Coolform, Airform or Dynaform.  They combine layers of memory foam, reflex foam and gel to offer varying levels of support and pressure relief.  Airform provides alternating layers of foam with air cushioning and is ideal for those at very high risk of pressure sores.  The choice will depend of various factors including any medical conditions. 

Of course, the seat cushion isn’t the only cushion to consider on your riser recliner chair … there are the back cushions too, which provide a range of postural support for your back, neck, shoulders and lumbar regions.  You can choose from a wide range including lateral back, split back, button back and waterfall back, all of which have different cushion configurations to provide support in different areas.  Each individual cushion can be filled to varying degrees to optimise the comfort and adjustable support it offers to the user.  They can be completely personalised to your specification! 

Lateral support cushions can also be added for people with limited or compromised trunk stability, to prevent slumping.  These can be foam filled rather than fibre filled, for additional support.  Likewise, chairs can be fitted with additional head cushions to offer extra support where it’s needed, which is ideal to provide postural support for users with some degree of muscle weakness in the neck. 

3. Movement

Another range of options you have when you’re choosing your riser recliner, is how you want it to move.  You’d be forgiven for thinking that all recliners just recline in the same way, however, that’s not the case!  There are various choices in the way your chair moves:

  • Single motor recliner

Whether your chair has a single or dual motor doesn’t, as some people believe, refer to how powerful it is.  Rather, the difference is in the way it operates.  With a single motor riser recliner, the footrest and the back don’t move independently – one motor operates and controls the whole movement so, as the footrest comes up to support the legs, the backrest reclines.

  • Dual motor recliner

With a dual motor recliner, the backrest and footrest operate independently offering a greater range of movement and positioning options.  You can choose to sit upright with your feet elevated or lay back into a reclined position.

  • Tilt in space

This is another distinct movement style where the backrest doesn’t separate from the seat as it reclines, meaning that a 90-degree angle is always maintained.  This provides the unique option of elevating the legs above the hips, which can be very beneficial for those with circulatory problems.

  • Wall hugger

As previously mentioned, this movement option is very useful for rooms where space is an issue.  The wallhugger slides gently forwards as it reclines backwards, meaning it can achieve a fully reclined position even in situations where there’s only a few inches of clearance between the chair and the wall.

Additional options are also available on some models of powered lumbar and headrest support, which provides the ability to independently adjust these areas, to enhance comfort, support and safety.

4. Fabric

Every chair comes with a range of fabric choices and while some of these options are aesthetic (such as pattern and colour) and come down to your personal style options, others have more practical uses – such as waterproof fabrics, wipe clean fabrics, and those with antibacterial properties.  When choosing the fabric for your chair you should consider cleanability, durability and comfort – as well as its cosmetic appearance, too.  You want a chair that will match your décor and look as attractive as it feels!

Some of our chairs, such as the Cosi Chair Ambassador, come with optional fabric upgrades like the Ambassador’s manmade ‘Reef Pro Ultra Fabric’ which is wipeable, stain resistant, liquid and moisture repellent and durable. Plus, it’s soft to the touch and modern looking. 

5. Accessories

To enhance your comfort, you can add a range of accessories to your riser recliner chair, including a reading lamp, USB ports, an extra pocket, and optional arm and back covers to keep your chair in pristine condition.  And then there are other matching accessories like footstools or sofas, to complete the look in your living room! 

While these might seem like a lot of options, when we work through them step-by-step we will soon arrive at your perfect riser recliner.  And don’t worry – you’re never on your own as you make these decisions, the chair experts at Stuart Mobility are here to help and advise you every step of the way! 

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