4 Ways To Combat Back Pain

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According to The Back Care Charity, simple back pain costs the UK economy £37million a day. Its not all slipped discs and spinal fractures that are the issue, millions of people suffer everyday in what they refer to as “the ticking time bomb”. Even though it’s the most important part of your body many people simply don’t take good enough care of their back. Thankfully there are some really simple things that you can do to improve your spine and keep away from the doctors office.

Exercise Correctly

“Everyone knows that exercise is good for us, and it’s hugely beneficial to your spine health,” says Stewart Tucker, a consultant spinal surgeon at The Wellington Hospital. By moving around you allow your discs to exchange fluid and receive the nutrition it needs. Don’t slap on the weight lifting gloves just yet – because exercise as simple as keeping mobile and walking around is a huge benefit.

This will not only get your spine moving and help your mobility, it will also get your heart pumping and your muscles working, improving your circulation and also your mood – it’s a win win situation.

Increase Calcium Levels

Every parent encourages their children to drink lots of milk “because it will make your bones strong – and that’s more than an old wives tale. Calcium is essential to keep your bones in good stead, and dairy products are a huge source of dietary calcium. The truth is without calcium your bones may become softer, meaning your body will suffer in the long run.

They may be a little bias but The Dairy Council has a great guide on the importance of Calcium from dairy produce. Yet milk isn’t the only source so if you’re dairy free make sure your diet contains lots of leafy vegetables and fresh fish such as salmon.

Drink Plenty Of Water

We’ve all heard the health information, we all know what we are doing, yet the levels of dehydration in the general population is huge. “Water is necessary for the body to digest and absorb vitamins and nutrients. It’s also key to proper digestion; it detoxifies the liver and kidneys, and carries waste away” said Grace Webb, Assistant Director for Clinical Nutrition at New York Hospital. So there is little point working hard to eat well if you’re not drinking enough.

Even a mild decrease in hydration levels puts more stress on your body, increasing muscle fatigue and boosting pain levels. The little muscular soreness you had in the morning will be agony by evening without downing plenty of water. If you cannot stomach the taste there are a wide range of foods that will help hydrate you – including cucumber, salad greens and grapefruit.

Sit Correctly

The fact is our bodies simply are not designed to sit for long periods of time. Modern lifestyles seem hellbent on getting us to sit for as long as possible at the office; or enticing us into watching the TV. However there are many factors that may mean we are sitting including driving, injury or ill health. Thankfully there are many ways we can combat the stresses of sitting, and make sure we do it comfortably.

Sitting in the same position for a long time with bad posture, slouching over a keyboard, can cause compression on the discs in your spine and lead to premature degeneration, which results in chronic pain.” – Stewart Tucker, consultant spinal surgeon at The Wellington Hospital

Posture whilst sitting is essential. Things such as an incorrect desk or simply a poor quality chair are a leading cause of bad posture while seated. The condition referred to as ‘text neck’ that is plaguing individuals with excessive mobile phone use can also affect those with incorrect seating and TV placement. Looking down for long periods of time will stress the natural curves in your spine causing pain and some times lasting damage to your back.

Sitting in a better position will reduce wear and tear on your joints, maintain your balance and improve your spine health tremendously. It is important that the chair fits you, the seat height and depth is correct for your body shape and it gives you the correct range of motion. Universal chairs fit very few people, so a correctly fitted chair is essential if ill health keeps you sitting down.

A good chair is one of the best health benefits you can invest in. Rise and recline chairs are not just designed to help you get up – although that helps relieve pressure on your joints. They are also a great way to sit comfortably and correctly, decreasing your likelihood of health complications later. We can supply a wide range of chairs, in an even wider range of colours and fabrics – so feel free to get in contact and we will help you find the perfect seat.

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