How to care for your chair

Looking after your chair

1. Basic Checks

If your chair stops working then some simple checks you might carry out are as follows:
  • CHECK the green light on the transformer is on when it is plugged into the mains. If it isn’t then the transformer is not working properly.
    If it is on and the chair is not working then:
  • CHECK the handset is not damaged.
    If both these are okay then check the following, but ALWAYS DISCONNECT your chair from the power source when doing the following checks.
  • CHECK the wall socket is in working order by trying another appliance.
  • CHECK to see if any cable connections have become disconnected.
  • CHECK to see if any of the cables are damaged or trapped. Damaged cables should be changed.
  • DO NOT open or attempt to open any electrical components. To do so may invalidate your warranty.
If the chair is still not working then you should contact us.

2. Transformer Instructions

Your chair will have been delivered with a transformer as seen in diagram 1.

This transformer is connected to the power supply and powers the chair. It should always be kept flat on the floor and the right way up. It has a green LED light which if illuminated means that it is plugged in and working. A = Transformer B = Removable battery case cover C = 9v battery D = Battery clip If your transformer has 9 volt (9v) batteries they are there to enable you to move the chair back into a seated position if there is a power cut.

These batteries:

  • Can only be used once.
  • Will go flat over time even if not used.
  • Cannot be relied upon to reset the chair to a seated position if you are in the chair.

NEVER RELY ON THE BATTERIES TO GET YOU OUT OF THE CHAIR. You must always be physically capable of exiting the chair without the use of the batteries. Once out of the chair reset or add new batteries to do so. If you are in an area with frequent or long power cuts and would struggle to get out of the chair in such circumstances, then we would recommend you consider an Accupak battery back-up.

To change the 9v batteries:
1) Remove the battery case cover (B) on the Transformer (A).
2) Remove the battery clips (D) from the batteries (C).
3) Replace batteries and refit clips and cover – it should be ready for use

3. Essential Chair Safety

Please ensure that: • YOU READ the basic technical checks. If you have purchased any of the following – the Accupak, 20 Cycle Back up, Heat only or Heat and Massage systems PLEASE ENSURE YOU READ THE ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS contained in your manual.
  • YOU NEVER EXCEED THE WEIGHT LIMITS for your chair as it may cause damage and will invalidate your warranty.
  • YOU CHECK the chair and cables regularly to ensure that they are in a suitable working condition and that there is no damage. ALWAYS disconnect the power supply when checking and DO NOT USE the chair if it is not working properly or damaged.
  • If there is a spillage on the chair IMMEDIATELY DISCONNECT THE ELECTRICITY FROM THE MAINS and check that no electrical components are wet.
  • YOU NEVER personally open any of the sealed electrical components as this could be dangerous and will invalidate your warranty.
  • NO cables are trapped under the chair and that YOU DO NOT run over the cables with the castors or other equipment e.g. vacuum cleaner.
  • The chair is ONLY OPERATED AT NORMAL ROOM TEMPERATURES and is NEVER used or stored in a damp or wet area.
  • YOU ALWAYS store your handset in a safe place so that it does not get damaged by either falling on the floor or from anyone sitting on it.
  • The transformer is ALWAYS placed in a flat position and IS THE CORRECT WAY UP
  • You are ALWAYS careful to keep hands, other body parts and loose clothing away from the moving parts of the mechanism when checking or during usage to avoid them being trapped.
  • YOU NEVER exit the chair whilst the leg rest is elevated.
  • If making transfers from any chair using a hoist/sling ALWAYS ensure that you have either glides or locking castors and that they are engaged to aid chair stability. Essential Safety Instructions The following instructions are for your own safety, the safety of others and to ensure that the chair/s are used correctly and in line with the warranty conditions. Please ensure you read them before using your chair/s and keep them safe for reference purposes.
  • YOU ALWAYS move the chair around using the front of the arms and that you are mindful of your own physical attributes as you carry out any such movements. DO NOT use other parts of the chair to move it around as this may cause damage to the framework and workings of the chair and will invalidate your warranty. The chair SHOULD NOT be occupied or plugged in when it is being moved around.
  • YOU NEVER attempt to lift the chair on your own and if you do need to lift it use two or more people with the technical expertise.
  • YOU MUST be able bodied with enough strength to operate a manually operated recliner. We would not recommend them for frail or very elderly people. Repose WILL NOT be responsible for any injuries caused from the normal operation of this chair.
  • Children DO NOT play with, or on the chair, with the handset and NEVER leave them with the chair when it is in the rise position. To do so may cause personal injury.
  • YOU ARE ALWAYS aware of babies, small children and animals when the chair is in motion to avoid injury. Be especially careful when moving the chair into either a rise position or from a rise position back to a seated one.
  • NO ONE stands or sits on the arms, leg rest or any levers (manual model) as this may damage the chair and/or cause it to tip. To do so may cause personal injury.
    Maintenance and repairs

Please ensure that:

  • YOU ONLY USE approved parts on your chair. These can be obtained through us. Failure to use approved parts will invalidate your warranty.
  • DO NOT attempt to carry out your own repairs to the chair as this will invalidate your warranty. If you are in any doubt please consult us.
  • YOU NEVER MAKE any material design, mechanical or other modifications to the chair as this may affect the way in which the chair operates and the inherent safety features. It will also invalidate your warranty.
  • YOU PROVIDE your original purchase invoice and unique chair batch number when ordering parts or when making a claim under your warranty

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