Decisions, Decisions… Choosing The Right Chair

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Why consider a chair for yourself or a relative?

As we age, our mobility decreases and muscles weaken and fatigue more easily. When you, or your elderly relative, are sitting for long periods of time it’s more difficult to maintain a good, upright posture. This can lead to slouching, slumping or, in the worst case scenario, sliding out of the chair.

Poor posture can cause or exacerbate many problems including aches and pains in joints, recurring chest or lung infections, urinary tract infections, and pressure sores caused by being unable to adjust position. In turn, these health problems can lead to difficulty eating, breathing and sleeping – and can have detrimental psychological effects too.

Finding it difficult to get into or out of a chair, or finding sitting uncomfortable, can also lead to spending more time in bed, affecting quality of life.

The good news is that a chair which provides the appropriate support and comfort can very quickly help to improve symptoms caused by incorrect seating positions. Features such as motorised rise and recline can also help users to regain or retain independence, thus improving mood and self-esteem.


One Size Doesn’t Fit All:

So, you’re saying no to discomfort and you’ve made a decision to buy a chair…but where do you start? It’s a lot different from buying a regular sofa or armchair – specialist requirements demand specialist products, each offering something slightly different.

For example, some chairs are designed to help those suffering from back pain, while others are more appropriate for users with minimal independent movement. Some offer lateral support, others additional head and neck support. Pressure management is important for those who are likely to be sitting for prolonged periods of time and are at risk of developing pressure sores – ‘tilt in space’ is particularly good for these users.

If you’ve browsed our website, you’ll have seen that there’s a vast range of chairs to choose from, each offering a choice of features. These aren’t there just to confuse you! They are designed specifically to address needs; many of our collections come in a range of sizes, seat movements and back cushions to cater for a wide range of customer requirements. Height and weight of the user have to be considered to ensure good support in all the right places, and practical needs such as wipeable fabrics or wheels for portering can be met if necessary. Of course there are also many colour and fabric options too. It’s not all about functional needs; we don’t neglect style!

With the additional option of ‘Made to Measure’, anything is possible (well, almost!).

The choice may feel overwhelming but our experienced staff are happy to help and advise you; their aim is to help you find the perfect chair to cater for your needs.

Where to start…

The best starting point is to draw up a list of what you, or your relative, want from a chair – or, sometimes, what you don’t want! Bear in mind that a chair is an investment purchase so as well as meeting current needs it is also worth considering how requirements may change over time.

Also think about physiological and practical requirements or restrictions – for example, the user’s height, weight and the available space in the room. Some manufacturers offer a wider range of size options which may affect suitability of certain makes and models and, if space is limited, ‘wallhuggers’ are available, which can recline fully at just 4” from a wall.

When you’re clear on what you want and need, then speak to us and we will match your wishes with our product range to find you the perfect chair. If your needs are complex or if you think your requirements may be difficult to fulfil, still ask! You’d be amazed at what we have available – and remember, there’s always the option of ‘Made to Measure’, a service we provide at no extra cost.

If budget is tight, we also have a limited number of second hand chairs which may be suitable for your needs. Again, please ask – we will always endeavour to help.

Once we’ve helped you to identify some options, you’re welcome to visit the showroom to see and try them for yourself.

Then, when the decision’s made, the price you pay always includes delivery and set up as standard, so there are no nasty surprises or last minute additions to the bill. All that’s left for you to do is sit back, and relax.

No one should have to put up with a chair that’s causing them pain, discomfort, health problems, or hindering their independence and joie de vivre! Please, get in touch; let us help you to find your new favourite chair and sit more comfortably.

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