Case Study: How a Riser Recliner Chair Transformed the Life of an MS Patient with Chronic Pain

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In this case study, we will explore the transformative impact of a riser recliner chair on the life of Humeara, an MS patient who suffered from chronic pain, including a bad back, sore legs, and an overall sore body. We will delve into the specific challenges she faced and how the introduction of a riser recliner chair significantly improved her comfort and quality of life.


Humeara, a 38-year-old woman diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) eleven years ago, had been experiencing increasing discomfort and pain in her back, legs, and body. The chronic nature of her condition made it difficult for her to find relief and affected her ability to perform daily activities independently. Seeking a solution to alleviate her pain, Humeara discovered the potential benefits of a riser recliner chair.


Humeara’s primary challenges stemmed from her bad back, sore legs, and overall sore body. These symptoms made it arduous for her to sit or stand for extended periods, causing discomfort and limiting her mobility. The lack of accessible seating options further exacerbated her struggles, as she often required assistance when transitioning between different positions. She found sitting upright in the upper position comforting.


After thorough research and consultation with healthcare professionals, Humeara decided to invest in a riser recliner chair tailored to her specific needs. She chose the Cosi Chair Iconic Quad Motor Chair which was equipped with a range of adjustable positions and supportive features, this chair aimed to address her pain and enhance her overall comfort. For additional comfortand support, she requested a 3” thickness Breydon Seat Cushion on top.


1. Optimal Comfort and Support:

The riser recliner chair provided Humeara with a newfound level of comfort and support. By allowing her to customise the chair’s position according to her preference, she could find the perfect angle that relieved pressure on her back, legs, and body. With daily fatigue challenges, she was able to take short naps, by placing the recliner into a bedrest position. This feature significantly diminished her discomfort, enabling her to enjoy prolonged periods of pain-free sitting and lying down.

2. Improved Mobility and Independence:

The chair’s built-in mechanisms for effortless transitioning from a seated to a standing position proved invaluable in improving Humeara’s mobility and independence. By minimising strain on her muscles and joints, the chair’s lifting and tilting functions allowed her to lie down, sit down or stand up with ease, eliminating the need for constant assistance. This newfound independence empowered Humeara and restored a sense of control over her daily activities.

3. Alleviation of Swelling and Improved Circulation:

Elevating her legs using the chair’s leg rest featurehelped Humeara combat swelling and improve circulation. By raising her legs above the level of her heart, the chair promoted better blood flow, reducing oedema and minimising discomfort caused by fluid retention. This feature played a crucial role in managing her symptoms and enhancing her overall well-being.


4. Enhanced Pressure Relief and Postural Support:

 The riser recliner chair’s ergonomic design provided Humeara with exceptional pressure relief and postural support. The chair’s foam padding and supportive cushioning distributed her weight evenly, alleviating strain on her pressure points. Her chair allowed additional pressure on her back easing her back pain. This feature significantly reduced the risk of developing pressure ulcers and bedsores, enhancing Humeara’s comfort and minimising the impact of her chronic pain.


The case study of Humeara demonstrates how a riser recliner chair can profoundly impact the life of an MS patient suffering from chronic pain. By providing optimal comfort and support, facilitating independent movement, improving circulation, and promoting pressure relief, the chair transformed Humeara’s daily experience. This case study highlights the importance of personalised solutions for MS patients, emphasising the significant role riser recliner chairs can play in enhancing their comfort, mobility, and overall quality of life.

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